The Ancient Practice of Yoni Steaming

I work with women supporting them in their pelvic health journey. Whether it be resolving incontinence issues, irregular and painful menstrual cycles, recurring infections or preparing the womb for pregnancy.

Yoni steaming is the ultimate women’s medicine and these days is my preferred treatment although I have a selection of practices to draw on in my tool box, to enhance the treatment.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that takes in the whole reproductive system from the vulva to the ovaries. So, the short version of what a yoni steam is:-

To sit over a bowl of hot herbal tea and allow the warm medicine Infused herbal vapour to be absorbed into your system, directly at the area that you are working on healing.

This is a practice used by many cultures worldwide. Often used to speed postpartum healing. The results of a recent study undertaken in the U.S. are impressive.

 Or in some Asian country’s yoni steam is used right after the period to ensure a thorough uterine cleanse has taken place.  Our uterus and vagina are self-cleansing, of course but if you suffer recurring infections or your menstrual blood is brown with clots. Your amazing body needs a little gentle help to bring it back into balance.

What does the perfect period look like?

The perfect period is pain free, lasts 4 days and the blood is a consistent flow of only fresh red blood in a 28-30 day cycle.

I believed that passing out with pain was normal. That was my ‘normal’. I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now. However difficult our cycles are we are told ‘that’s your normal’ it doesn’t have to be. Women should expect and have, the perfect period. I have helped many women achieve this. With organic herbal formulas and a personal steam program.

To me yoni steaming is the ultimate in holistic feminine self-care.  It works not only on the physical but also on the emotional, gently releasing and healing womb trauma and the painful feelings that can be held there.

 In its spiritual aspect when performed as a ceremony, yoni steaming reconnects us with the divine feminine as we honour ourselves and the creative force that resides within us.

Tuesday Simmonds.



Bio: Hello, my name is Tuesday Simmonds.

I have been involved in both bodywork and energy work for more than 30 years. I combine authentic knowledge of a variety of practices from around the globe. I was shown that it is the time to give women the tools to heal themselves. So I work with the intention of supporting   women in reclaiming their power.

I hold a strong connection to nature and to the elemental world. I am thankful to the many inspirational teachers I have had over the years and for the wonderful locations those trainings have taken me to. The last of these being a yoni steam training in Atlanta.

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