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Hi, I am Sophie Owner of TSG Fitness

“I coach people, experiencing pain, and take the time to help them perform natural movements; when they haven’t achieved this by themselves”

I have over 5 years professional experience coaching clients and I am passionate about working with people who struggle with pain, injuries and health concerns.

People come to me when their pain, problem or health affects simple movements; such as walking or bending as well as exercising in the gym or playing sports. I help my clients to achieve their goals through improving body awareness and functional movement patterns alongside a gym based strengthening programme which is under my careful guidance and specifically tailored for their individual postural imbalances.
Due to the nature of my clients needing tailored progression, I am with my clients every step of the way.

I have had a lot of personal experience being on a journey to remove pain and injury so understand what my clients are going through. During this time, I found that there was a significant lack of support other than choosing to take pain relief, which is why I chose to become qualified as a personal trainer in this area and help others. With experience and practise, I have helped many clients to become free of pain and return to daily activities successfully.

I am also qualified in exercise referral, so if clients have both postural as well as medical issues then I am well equipped to provide just the right advice and support to help you become healthier, move better and become pain free.

Being a qualified swimming teacher and coach, I have been lucky enough to work with children from the age of 4 all the way through to masters swimmers including GB Paralympic swimmers and triathletes.
I enjoy open water swimming events and can provide programmes to improve these activities also.

Alongside being a personal trainer I am a keen horse rider, having competed in county level competitions and hold a FdSc in Equine Management. I work with many horse riders to help them improve balance, core strength and posture.

* Corrective Exercise Specialist
* Back Pain Relief
* Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation
* Pain Free Strength and Fitness
* Postural Correction
* Mobile/Home Visit Service
* Based at Phoenix Gym Norwich

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Business Address:
Phoenix Gym Norwich
Oak Street
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Sophie Fairhurst
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