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I am a FOREVER business owner with FOREVER LIVING which is a global multi level marketing business in 160 countries. We sell 100% natural aloe vera and bee products and are the largest health and well being organisation worldwide. The company owns 6500 acres of aloe vera plants which are not harvested until they are 4 years old for full potency. They also own the largest number of beehives globally. My website is

This is a far cry for me and a leap of faith, from also working in the area of preventing child abuse at every level whichever way it happens

I am a regular guest on TV and radio and a public speaker.

Since lockdown, and therefore income having dried up being self employed, I was offered this opportunity. Never look a gift horse in the mouth is my motto. I grasped the chance and in 4 weeks it is doing really well. I work from home (we have to anyway now don’t we!) but this a job at home working your own hours and online, and it is a lot of fun and all training is FREE. All products go from the distributor direct to your front door by Fed Ex.

The products are brilliant. The plants are bees are cared for ethically and both are environmentally friendly, and act as a tonic for our immune system.

So if you also fancy a change or adding a new project to your life please contact me and join my team OR just buy 1 product and see for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Marilyn Hawes
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