I attended my first and, as it turned out, last face-to-face HER Business Revolution networking meeting in January 2020.

I have been a member since May 2020.

I love the warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and meeting so many different business women in one place.

I originally joined as a Virtual Assistant and, although I am very good at it, halfway through the Elite Academy I had to admit that my heart was not in it. Since we only live once, I decided to focus on what really makes my heart sing and it is creative writing. I used to host my own book show between 2012-2013 and before that I was a rock journalist. Prior to that I used to work with EU funds, organising and co-organising domestic and international projects in my native Latvia. I have many great memories of those days, including how I once travelled to Lithuania with a suitcase full of cheese and salmon. Message me on Instagram if you want to hear the full story.

But back to HBR… I had a novel I wanted to publish and that is when I spotted Serena’s ad – she had set up a publishing house. My first novel, Journals of the Undead, came out last November and is available on Amazon in both printed and Kindle version. Technically it is about vampires but actually it is about how life can change and how to deal with it. In addition, I have always been interested in history and like to set my stories in different eras. Writing about immortals allows me to use the same characters again and again.

The novel has been a big part of my life and I was relieved when I held the author’s copy in my hands. It took me two years to write the book – this was the straightforward bit – but I must have edited it umpteen times over the next few years. Even now I still want to make some minor changes!

At the moment I am working on a new novel, a sequel to Journals of the Undead, and have a few other ideas I want to develop, including a comedy YouTube channel.

Last but not least: I have been battling depression for quite a while now, and use writing and humour as forms of therapy. Sadly, I have less energy these days and ideas do not flow as freely as they used to but I am glad that inspiration still comes to me.

Instagram: @kristin.cheyrane

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