HER Online Business Expo 2020


Kick Start to the Week

Panel Sessions


How different industries are at different points of business and agility in this coronacoaster of a business journey

Finances and services – making them relevant and not boring from a content perspective

How do you use VAs and other services and tools to increase your business efficiencies

How to talk sales of products and why it’s different to services

Content – copy, visual and strategy for your business


How to maximise ourselves and not have limiting beliefs

Are we too hard on ourselves as women?


Taboo Talks: From menopause to sadness to relationships – why we feel we can’t talk open

Exploring the world

Training Videos


Using Automation, Recycling and Outsourcing to Save Time and Money and Upscale Your Business

Using Pinterest to Market and Grow Your Business

Jargon Free Accountancy

Your Recipe For Financial Success

Why Supporting Local Businesses is so Important

From where I’ve come from – watch me going places!


How to Not Get Nervous When Public Speaking

Beside you on your journey to the life you love

The Roles of the Mind

Presenting your way to confidence

Confidence inspiring jewellery – why it’s important

Reiki and Recovery – How to Tune into and Develop Your Intuition


How to treat, manage and overcome persistent back pain, and get back to living life!

Fabulously Sustainable Style and introduction – how to shop with a conscious and break up with fast fashion

Finding skin confidence and using it to empower other women

Helping you create work/life balance

Helping you to book fabulous holidays, in all four corners of the world

How Kinky Are You?

My Indigo Sky work umbrella!

Here to Improve People’s Lives

Beauty from the inside out

How to integrate masculine and feminine energy for a more harmonious life

Expo Finale Celebration

Overcoming Objections to Become a Sales Superwoman Masterclass