City life knocked my confidence and left me exhausted

Since moving from London to Norwich in 2018, my confidence has been restored and has soared thanks to the kindness of people. In London I worked 60 plus hours a week in advertising, juggled the 3-hour round commute, ran for the nursery door bang on 6pm to collect my boy (otherwise late fees hit in) – I was exhausted, and my confidence was at rock bottom. As a nearly 40-year-old not a size 8, pretty, millennial I was apparently past it, I had the skills and experience, but it didn’t matter – so when I was lucky enough to get pregnant with my second child (after a miscarriage) we decided to move out of London with a 3-day old baby.

A year later I launched One of a Kind Club thanks to the wonderfully kind people of Norwich and the superwomen I have got to know – they’ve given me the creative confidence to follow my passion when I turned 40. Now I’ve been running it for 18 months and although it’s been a corona coaster of a ride, I am so in love with what I do.

One of a Kind Club is a contemporary jewellery brand aimed to inspire everything I’ve learned about confidence and celebrate individuality through fun statement pieces that make an impact. After a long career in advertising, I’ve finally settled on turning my love for jewellery into a living, it’s never too late. For years I fitted in jewellery making courses around my full-time career, I loved transforming my own work outfits, making them funky and distinctive. My eclectic collections are inspired by all the amazing women I encounter and the places I visit – even the Norwich Lanes have inspired part of my latest Shapes Collection.

For me and so many other women, wearing jewellery is a bit like putting your make-up on and a pair of killer heels. It forms part of that image we want to show the world. I create unique and interesting items in exciting shapes and colours with the aim of helping women express their own style and personality, so they can go about their lives with extra confidence. Or just to put on and feel special, especially if they’re having a bad day.

We need to believe in ourselves more, celebrate ourselves and what we are capable of. I’m making jewellery for the women who know they deserve that, and for those who seek more of that in their lives every day.

My dream is to give people confidence who may not have it or struggle to maintain it. I want there to be a happy and positive energy surrounding my brand and pieces.

Be Bold Be You.

Carol Robinson

One of a Kind Club




Bio: I’m Carol, the Founder of One Of A Kind Club, an independent brand of handcrafted and curated feel-good jewellery. I aim to boost confidence and bring colour to people’s lives with my contemporary and fun statement pieces, celebrating the individuality of my wonderful and unique customers.

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